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Why Always Local

A Network of Local PureHarvests Foods Vegetable Farms


We are building a local farm food production system that will produce the highest quality of Vegetables starting with Lettuce and Leafy Greens 

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We are ready to launch in five Locations Nationwide, Arizona, Maine, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Texas 

Food Sector Trends

How is food grown, shipped and sold and can Local Food be fresher

Food Industry Trends Support Urban Agriculture

The food industry is undergoing a very disruptive change. “Big Food”, also known as mega-producers, is on the defensive. Pervasive market trends are being driven by the rising consumer relevance of millennial's (and gen Z’s), e-commerce, labeling, and declining brand loyalty. Here we focus on some of the primary drivers that make the food industry ripe for disruptive change. To set the stage for industry change, we must focus on the macro-economics. In 1950’s food accounted for 15% of our household income, today it accounts for 6%. This dramatic change in affordability, combined with technology, is helping to fuel new industry trends. By Matthew Chang

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We are looking for local partners in each of our Farm locations. If your interested just reach our for the investment details  at; Info@pureharvests.com

Our PHF Farm System technology

Our Lettuce head trials. highest nutrition , flavor and freshness

PHF is happy now to own our technology.

· PHF Farm System is completely turnkey and modular for maximum scaling ability.

· All wall construction is built form a FDA food grade, food safe material which has the highest thermal qualities for any environment and the highest structural strength and load capacity for stacking in small foot print designed farms.

· Key proprietary operating energy technologies lower the cost of energy usage for all motor controls by 50%, air conditioning, fans pumps etc. 

· Proprietary LED’s that lower the cost of operation by over 30% with many features for plant growth that are disruptive and self-adjusting to the par value and spectrum needed at each stage of plant growth.

· Total design made for the highest yield efficiency for quality plant growth in time to market and nutritional quality through root uptake of liquid fertiliser produced in unit’s, real-time to plant variety individual needs. 

· Proprietary Blockchain technology with sensor controls throughout the system along with innovation in smart film technology for produce packaging, traceability and food safety. 

PHF Farm System Deployment


We are constantly asked how long does it take to get growing (155 days build to grow). We have the fastest build track from manufacturing the Turnkey Farm Systems  to market production.  We can deploy fast and project our proforma results and return to the investments in 5 years.

About Us: We deliver local farm programs to the nation

Your Local & Fresh Vegetables

With Each POD locally deployed you get revolving benefits for the community and the consumer.

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